Wife Bare Bottom Spanking

Bare Bottom Wife Spanking

The Bare Bottom Wife Spanking of Amelia Rutherford is now available at Firm Hand Spanking now! Amelia Rutherford’s bare bottom wife spanking as she’s held in the safe house for her own protection. She just can’t seem to follow the house rules and she is appropriately punished for her bad behavior. This naughty wife gets the punishment she needs from a firm hand in this bare bottom wife spanking video exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!

Bare Bottom Wife Spanked

Naughty wife Amelia Rutherford get 57 swats with a wooden spoon for breaking the house rules. She’s constantly getting herself into trouble with her strict supervisor. Her bad behavior lands her in serious trouble and 57 hard swats with the wooden spoon on her bare ass will get her sorted out. Watch the Full Bare Bottom Wife Spanking Video! Immediate Access Click Here Now!!

Flight attendant Amelia Rutherford spanked for breaking Safe House security. “The situation’s desperate,” claims Amelia Rutherford in Safe House. “I need panties and moisturizer!” Confined with Detective Grey, her refusal to follow security protocol puts her in danger. A bare bottom spanking and 57 with a wooden spoon sorts her out!

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