Waitress Spanked at Work in Uniform

Rude Waitress Spanked at Work in Uniform by Zoe Page

Monique the rude waitress uniform spanking at work when her unhappy customer calls the restaurant manager. Dissatisfied customer Zoe Page spanks uniformed waitress for her inattentive service. When the diner’s manager is notified Zoe is told she can administer waitress spanking at work in uniform for her bad customer service skills!

Monique Waitress Spanked at Work in Uniform Zoe Page

She dissatisfied customer Zoe Page administer perfect ff spanking to her uniformed waitress for her rude behavior and poor service. This waitress spanked at work in uniform by her unhappy customer in the latest update at Spanked in Uniform!

After Lunch Chef and owner Mike got a visit from a customer who had just finished lunch and was totally dissatisfied with her waitress Monique, She was rude, inattentive, brought the wrong food and didn’t apologize etc. When Mike suggested that she take care of Monique herself in the Mike’s Diner way, she was delighted. Mike went to fetch Monique and she was soon over his desk getting her bottom soundly spanked by Zoe Page.


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