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Fresh new cute teen, Reverie, gets a hard spanking with school paddle in the very popular “School Swats” series. First she’s interviewed by Mr Masterson and asked personal question about her views on spankings in school. After her interview she’s bent over with her elbows on a stool for multiple paddle swats over her tight […]

Failing to follow the house rules earns Ten Amorette a hard belt spanking, first over jeans and then on the bare bottom. Being a naughty girl, Ten doesn’t seem to care that she’s on restriction from using her cell phone. She disregards the fact she’s been grounded and continues doing whatever she wants. When daddy […]

New girl Michelle gets a severe strapping with bare breasts exposed. She’s been instructed by Betty Blaze to kneel on a chair and await her arrival. Michelle waits with her breasts bared as Miss Betty enters with thick leather strap in hand. She’s prepared for a painful punishment spanking. Miss Betty begins by giving the […]

Naughty Betty Blaze gets spanked bare bottom otk by Kailee Robinson. At the request of one of my dear readers I’ve pulled this hot girl/girl spanking scene from the archives at

Kinky 23 year old Bobbie gets her tight jeans pulled down and paddled on her bare bottom before she’s given a nude otk hand spanking in the latest video update at Real Spankings! She looks so innocent with her short blonde pixie haircut but looks can be deceiving. This young kinkster takes on hell of […]

Naughty teen Kajira spanked and punished with severe strapping on her bare bottom! Kajira’s spanking punishment begins with her stripping down and strapped over panties. Once the strap properly warms her panty covered bottom she’s ordered to strip completely nude and strapped bare bottom! Her severely strapped ass is blistered, bruised, sore and red from […]

A recent series of updates from shows real school spanking! These teen girls paddled over jeans are disciplined for bullying a classmate and are severely punished! When the strict dean of discipline hears these young ladies infractions a paddling punishment is in order. Principal Masterson calls each of the teenage schoolgirls into his office […]

Jordyn’s behavior has caught Michael’s attention once again and this time he decide that a strict belting isn’t enough for this misbehaving lass so her breaking in his strap on her bare bottom in this real disciplinary spanking. See Jordyn get her bare bottom blistered and bruised as she’s left bare bottomed bright red, sore […]

Cute teens Roxie and Lauren are hanging out in the family living room laughing and texting with their friends and having a good ole’ time…that is until they wake up daddy! Their strict father comes bursting into the little party and he’s not happy being awakened during his do not disturb time. He’s quick to […]

Here are some photos from recent updates at Kiki gets a hard paddling. Kiki acts out and is met with Betty’s paddle, receiving 6 over her tights and 6 more on her bare ass! She is left bruised and sore for days after her hard paddle punishment! From the Monica and KJ Receive Swats […]

Here’s the updates from for last week. Yeah I know I’m a bit late on these…the holidays are crazy. This week is all about teens spanked in jeans…strapping over jeans for two naughty high school teens and Syrena drops her jeans in the hallway to check her sore red bottom after her hard paddling […]

From the latest Real Teen Spanking Punishments at naughty teen Raquel continues her school spanking discipline at the hands of her strict principal. She’s been ordered to the dean’s office for strict school discipline and she’s scared of what her punishment will be. Raquel is bent over the desk and spanked in her jeans […]