Punished Brats

PunishedBrats.com is owned and operated by active members of the spanking scene, David Pierson and the world famous Amber Pixie Wells. These two spankos know how to film...Read the full review ยป

Fiery redhead Bianca Rose is forced down on her hands and knees for a spanking on all fours. She’s completely exposed and vulnerable with all her naughty bits on display. She’s asked her lesbian lover, Joelle Barros, to critique the story she’s been writing. Bianca is less than pleased with Joelle’s negative response and calls […]

College tutor, Audrey Sugarsmak, get taken over the knee and spanked hard on the bare bottom in this grad student spanking video. She’s making a house call to visit an undergrad she tutors, Ami Mercury. Audrey shows up to find Ami’s big bottom has been spanked cherry red. Ami is standing and facing the corner […]

At PunishedBrats.com they just previously unreleased spanking video featuring Amber Pixie Wells! In this never-before-seen video Pixie plays a college schoolgirl who is the subject of a dorm room inspection. She is caught with contraband and a severe punishment is in order. Ms Chadwick is know for administering strict discipline when rules are broken. She […]

Adriana Evans finds herself painful predicament with a corporal punishment paddling from the school headmaster! Headmaster, David Pierson, catches young Adriana in the janitor’s closet having sex with one of her male classmates. She was found in possession of marijuana as well. Needless to say this delinquent teen is in more trouble than she can […]

Teen schoolgirl Lexi Ellis gets caught sneaking into the house after curfew. It’s midnight and well past time that a proper young girl should be in bed. Lexi’s older sister, Adriana Evans, has been put in charge of the house while their father is away on business. Adriana knows that her younger sister has been […]

Lesbian lovers Joelle Barros and Bianca Rose have a painful conclusion to their love affair with a naughty lesbian spanking otk in the latest lesbian spanking video from Punished Brats! Joelle discovers that her lover Bianca has been having an affair behind her back. She has no tolerance for cheaters and decides it’s time to […]

Ami Mercury gets her big bottom spanked in the latest update at Punished Brats! Ami is away at college. She thinks that living off campus is going to be amazing. She will finally get to attend parties and even throw some of her own. Ami has always sort of a nerdy girl and now she […]

Glamour models Audrey Sugarsmack and Madie Rae get booked for a photo shoot and they think they’ll be taking simple lingerie photos but the girls are surprise, disturbed and sexually excited when there told they’re going to be involved in a lesbian spanking scene!! Dressed in sexy lingerie, the two ladies arrive at their latest […]

There’s something new at Punished Brats! A never before scene from the HUGE ARCHIVES! Pretty blonde teen Juliet Valentina thinks the homeschooling means less work. But this teenage brat learns the hard way that her mother is more strict then any teacher she’s ever had! Her mother, Veronica Bound, finds out that Juliet has been […]

A passionate night of love-making between two lesbian lovers ends with a sexy lesbian spanking otk! Joelle Barros catches last nights fling, Bianca Rose, going through her jewelry. She wants their lesbian relationship to continue and tells her lover she must be punished for her bad behavior. Bianca willingly lays across Joelle lap for a […]

Taking slutty selfies earns this naughty daughter an otk spanking from daddy! Adriana Evans has been caught by her dad while taking sexy selfies with her girlfriend Mandie Rae. When her father catches the pair of teen in the act her takes his daughter over his knee! Adriana’s daddy spanks her otk in front of […]

Wild daughter Joelle Barros has a girls night out with her stepmom. The slightly drunken ladies arrive home after their night out on the town. Joelle reveals that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath her dress! This revelation of her stepdaughter’s slutty behavior sends her stepmom into a rage! She takes her slutty daughter over […]