Northern Spanking

Two naughty schoolgirls, Christy Cutie and Alex Reynolds, get hard spanking with leather paddle by the school’s headmistress, Pandora Blake. The two girls have found Miss Blake’s office open and unattended. They can’t resist spanking each other with the school paddle that’s been left lying on the desk. Unfortunately for these two naughty young ladies, […]

Naughty girl scout, Dorothy Burnett, gets a hard OTK spanking when she’s caught trying to cheat the wrong customer. Nobody suspects this innocent looking teen is scamming customer for extra cash. But the teenage girl scout finds herself in big trouble when Paul Kennedy takes notice of her fraudulent activities. Young Dorothy thinks she’ll be […]

Horny nurse, Adriana Evans, gets a sexy spanking in stockings from naughty neighbor, Alex Reynolds. Adriana is in need of some relaxation and stress relief after a long night at the hospital. She returns to her hotel room and her hand quickly finds it’s way into her panties. She masturbates furiously to achieve a stress […]

Pretty wife Jadie Reece gets spanked scolded and punished. When Jadie’s husband catches her driving recklessly he has no choice but to give his naughty wife a punishment spanking that she won’t forget. Beginning with by putting her over the knee for a spanking over tight leggings. Then continuing by pulling her panties down for […]

Naughty schoolgirl, Harley Havik, has been caught fighting at school again. She has been warned by her father that anymore infractions at school will result in severe penalties at home. Harley is terrified at the prospects of the punishments she is to receive after school. Her daddy has been called by the school and informed […]

Black cheerleader, Nuna Starks, gets spanked and paddled by her white female cheerleading coach, Alex Reynolds. Nuna is away on a trip with her cheer squad for the first time. She’s excited by all the freedom that being away from home affords her. She stays up all night partying and drinking. This is a huge […]

Rebellious teen, Dorothy Burnett, finds herself in getting spanked and slippered for breaking curfew and coming home very late. Her father, Paul Kennedy, is angry with his daughter’s disregard for his rules. She casually walks through the door at the break of dawn. She’s been out partying all night long with her friends. But this […]

Two innocent schoolgirls, Alex Reynolds and Adriana Evans, are wrongfully disciplined with hard spankings and caning that leave their young bottoms bright red. The girls are on a school field trip. The hotel has charged the girls for drinking up all the alcohol in the mini-bar. Their strict teacher doesn’t believe the girls cries of […]

The county fair is having their annual contest where they’ll crown this year’s faire princess. Alex Reynolds wants to assure her place as the fair’s crown princess. She devises a plan to remove her competition, Harley Havik, by giving her a legs up spanking. Alex sneaks into cute Harley’s bedroom, where she’s preparing for the […]

Naughty schoolgirl, Amber West, gets spanked otk then forced to ride the ‘bicycle of discipline’ as she’s strapped on the bare bottom! Amber has been caught by one the school’s senior students. Freshmen girls are not allowed on certain places on the campus. Senior student Jessica Wood is going to enforce these rules on her […]

Naughty reform school student Amber West gets spanked and strapped over panties and on her bare round bottom in the latest spanking video update from Northern Spanking! The film is titled “Borstal Girls”. In the Untied Kingdom a borstal is a youth correction center for delinquent offenders. Strict corporal punishments are often administered to the […]

Junior data analyst Ginger Sparks gets her big bottom spanked for her slutty office attire on casual Friday in the latest update from Northern Spanking! Ginger’s version of casual Friday means she’s wearing the skimpiest outfit she can find. Her short shorts leave very little to the imagination with her big round bottom on display. […]