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Naughty little girl, Harley Havik, gets spanked by mommy. Stern mother, Zooey Zara, gets a call from Harley’s daddy. She’s been acting like a little brat and being mean to her stepmom. Young Harley has already been spanked and scolded by her father, but Zooey decides that her daughter needs another spanking from mommy too. […]

Two naughty girls, Sarah Gregory and Ten Amorette, get hard spankings on soft tender bottoms. Momma Dana Specht takes both girls with on vacation to Las Vegas. But when the pair of misbehaving young ladies stay out all night drinking, mom spanks the girls bottoms bright red. Dana was worried when the girls didn’t come […]

Naughty little girl, Aysel Zeeling, gets a hard otk spanking and scolding from angry mom. Aysel’s mother, Sarah Gregory, has been called to pick her up from a birthday party. She’s gotten into trouble for being mean to the other girls. Aysel’s mommy is very upset by her daughter’s bad behavior. Sarah leads the little […]

Momma Clare Fonda gives her rude daughter Sarah Gregory and OTK spanking that she won’t forget! Sarah is constantly behaving badly when her father isn’t home. She’s always back-talking her mother with a sassy attitude. Sarah refuses to respect her mom and Clare has finally had enough. She’s not going to be a pushover anymore. […]

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In this traditional spanking and discipline video set in the 1950’s, Sarah Gregory is sent to live with strict aunt Dana Specht and cousin Adriana Evans. When the two girls are caught breaking the house rules Aunt Dana disciplines naughty girls with good old fashioned spankings and punishments. Aunt Dana has no patience for bad […]

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Naughty teen, Rosie Ann, gets a humiliating naked spanking otk before bed. She’s been in the bathtub for a long time. Her mommy, Sarah Gregory, has told her many it’s time to get out of the tub and get ready for bed. Sarah has finally had enough of her disobedient daughter. She pulls the naughty […]

Naughty little brat, Alice Michaels, gets red bottom spanking over mommy’s knee in pajamas, over panties and on the bare bottom in the latest mother spanking daughter video at Alice’s rambunctious behavior at a fancy hotel gets her young bottom spanked cherry red. Her mother, Sarah Gregory, teaches her a hard lesson with a […]

Sarah Gregory gets a bare bottom bedtime spanking in her pajamas! She has already been spanked once today when she come home from the mall with a slutty new outfit her mother didn’t approve of. Momma isn’t finished with her yet though. Sarah is dressed in her pajamas and she’s ready for bed. She’s sulking […]

Naughty daughter Sarah Gregory gets a panty spanking from momma in the latest update at Momma Spankings! Sarah’s mother has given her money to buy a new outfit from the mall. Sarah knows what her mother finds acceptable and what she would disapprove of. When she returns from her shopping excursion, momma is waiting. Mom […]

When a pajama party goes wild, momma catches the two teens drinking wine she spanks their bottoms over their pjs, over panties and finally on their bare bottoms in the latest update from! Two fun-loving teen girls have an awesome night planned out filled with shared secrets and girl-talk. Sarah Gregory and Adriana Evans […]