Uncle Spanking Niece At Bedtime

Naughty niece, Katie Brown, gets an otk spanking at bedtime from strict uncle for breaking house rules. Katie is staying with her Uncle Dave while attending classes near his home. Her parents have given the teen girl’s uncle the authority to discipline his niece when needed. Uncle Dave comes home late and finds the young girl watching TV. It’s way past her bedtime and a clear rule violation. Katie’s uncle wasted no time in taking his naughty niece over the knee for a good old fashioned OTK spanking on the bare bottom. He pulled down her pajama bottoms and spanked his niece hard with repeated swats of his bare hand. Humiliated at being spanked like a little girl, Katie was sent to bed with a stinging and sore red bottom in this uncle/niece spanking video from AAASpanking.com!

Katie’s Bedtime Spanking – Katie never listened to grown up advice or what rules her Uncle Dave had carefully set out for her when she stayed at his house. She only was in his care when she had to attend week long courses at a Girls Finishing school near his place and her parents trusted him to look after her and discipline Katie as necessary. So when Dave returned home late to find her still up watching TV (instead of being in her room trying to get some sleep) he took her over his lap right there and then. She was in her PJs but her pants were pulled down for an old fashioned and humiliating spanking on her bare bottom! This is a great uncle/niece spanking scenario for those that like home discipline videos.


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