Teen Whores Disciplinary Caning

Teen whore disciplinary caning punishment. We all know girls will be girls but when in comes to callgirls these naughty whores can be the worst offenders. It takes a firm hand to keep these naughty teen whores in behaving correctly. Sometimes these teen whores need strict a disciplinary caning on thier round bare bottoms from a firm handed pimp!
Paris Kennedy has been really bad, so mamma Clare kicks her out of the cat house and sends her to work for Double Dan, who will tolerate no incompetence at the work place. Dan paddles Paris, canes her till her bottom is striped up and down and then spanks her over her already sore, red bottom. Will Paris continue after 2 days of severe punishment??”
Will madam Claire be able to keep control over her stable of whores in her cat house?? And can the heavy handed pimp Double Dan keep his hoes in check with firm disiplinary canings for his misbehaving whores??

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