Teen Spanking Home Discipline

Spanking starlets Mandie Rae and Audrey Sugarsmack star in the latest Teen Spanking Home Discipline release from Punished Brats Spanking. Naughty teen daughter Mandie Rae runs her bratty mouth telling lies about the neighbor girl and her slutty behavior. Her mother played by Audrey Sugarsmack is not taking this kind of bratty behavior from her teen daughter. It’s time for this teen brat to get some teen spanking home discipline on her bare bottom from her firm hand strict mom…

Naughty little brats deserve to be spanked. This naughty daughter gets the bare bottom teen spanking home discipline she needs.

Spanked For Lying: Mandie had been spreading rumors that the girl next door had been doing nasty things with boys at school. Mandie’s mom was in no way pleased with her little gossip monger. Mandie was taken off the couch and spanked in standing position over her panties. Soon, to Mandie’s distress, she was embarrassed beyond tolerance as her mother removed her panties and spanked upon her bare bottom. Soon, Mandie’s situation worsened as her mother applied a wooden spoon to her naked posterior. Mandie forgot about the fact that she was naked from the waist down and pleaded with her mother to stop as she danced to the rhythm of the spoon. As both her mother’s hands and wooden spoon struck her bare bottom, Mandie promised not to gossip any more. Her dance of pain wasn’t over until mother was sure that the lesson was learned.

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