Teen Schoolgirl Spanked By Sister

Teen Schoolgirl Spanked By Sisters at Punished Brats

Teen schoolgirl Lexi Ellis gets caught sneaking into the house after curfew. It’s midnight and well past time that a proper young girl should be in bed. Lexi’s older sister, Adriana Evans, has been put in charge of the house while their father is away on business. Adriana knows that her younger sister has been up to no good. She questions her about tonight’s activities. Lexi admits she’s been out partying in her school uniform with older boys. Adriana is furious! She gives her teenage sister a hard otk spanking over panties then on her bare bottom in the latest schoolgirl spanking video at Punished Brats!

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Adriana, as the eldest sister, was left in charge of the household when her father needed to go on a business trip. She was concerned as how she would deal with her sister Lexi who is something of a free spirit. One day Lexi, dressed in school uniform, arrived home after midnight. Under questioning from her sister, Lexi admitted that she had been to a party and wore her school uniform because men find it hot. She suddenly found herself over her enraged sister’s lap for a hard spanking.



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