Teen Girl Spanked and Caned

Teen Girl Spanked and Caned

Rosie Ann is normally a good teen girl but when she’s caught hanging out in all the wrong places she’s spanked and caned for her bad behavior in the latest update from Northern Spanking! Rosie Ann’s parents get a phone call from her best friends family. They call to let them know that the two teens have been caught hanging out at the bus station with the crowd of delinquents that typically gather there. Obliviously, she knew she was in some serious trouble. She’s been spanked before. A little bottom smacking is something every teenage girl gets while they’re growing up. Unfortunately this time she knew her punishment was going to be much more severe and the penalties much harsher! This time she would be caned! Rosie had never felt the sharp sting of the cane before. She was terrified at the mere thought of it. When she actually saw the implement that would be used to punish her she cowered in fear. The sight if the thick rattan cane made her nervous. She was scared of the impending punishment that would be administered to her bare bottom with the dreaded cane!

Teen Spanking

Rosie was usually a good, well behaved girl. She knew she deserved this punishment and she did not protest as her father came into her bedroom and took her over his knee. She was spanked hard over her white school panties. A bare hand spanking that quickly turned her round teen bottom bright red. The warmth spread quickly across her panty covered bum until the bright crimson glow peeked out from beneath her white school knickers. She whimpered as each swat of her daddy’s bare hand spanked against her red glowing bottom. She was then ordered to kneel upon the bed as the next phase of her disciplinary punishment began. She presented her tender teen bottom, as she knew that she deserved the harsh method of discipline that was coming. The first stinging stroke of the cane cracked against her exposed ass. She whimpered softly. As the next cane lashing were administered she couldn’t hold back any longer. She cried out in pain. She had a lesson to learn and she would … at the end of the cane!!

Caning Teen Girl

Young Rosie Ann collapsed on her bed. Her red and sore bottom sticking up in the air, exposed and swollen. Now that she had been properly disciplined, she promised she would not be hanging out in the wrong places ever again. She most certainly would not be caught at the bus station with those wayward girlfriends of hers. Her father took her into his arms and hugged her. Her know his teenage daughter had learned her lesson and wouldn’t be misbehaving anytime soon. But if she did he would be ready to administer another bottom stinging caning as a reminder to behave like a proper young lady!

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    • peter jonson on September 22, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    why hug her at the end? i would just push her of the bed and start wacking her more. thats what i do anyway!

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