Two girls, housewife Stacy Stockton and au pair Kylee Anders, get a double spanking and caning on bare bottoms. In the final episode of the Au Pair Series, the two girls are bent over and spanked side by side. Johnny Stockton finds out that his wife Stacy has a secret plan to get their au […]

Hot sexy brunette, Zooey Zara, tests her threshold for pain and punishment in this severe spanking audition video. Zooey lives the BDSM lifestyle but is she ready for the painful punishments she must endure at the hands of professional doms Johnny Lake and John Osborne. Looking so incredibly gorgeous in a short blue dress, sexy […]

Cute blonde girl Ella Hughes gets hard caning over chair for lying. Sarah Stern has little patience for naughty girls bad behavior. Ella is late for their appointment and attempts to lie her way out of trouble. Ms Stern has heard it all before and isn’t fooled by this cute young girl. She gets Ella’s […]

In this traditional spanking and discipline video set in the 1950’s, Sarah Gregory is sent to live with strict aunt Dana Specht and cousin Adriana Evans. When the two girls are caught breaking the house rules Aunt Dana disciplines naughty girls with good old fashioned spankings and punishments. Aunt Dana has no patience for bad […]

Rosie Ann is flexible young gymnast. She asked her coach and trainer, John Osborne, to devised a special workout routine for her to follow. She wants increase her endurance and strength, both mentally and physically. Rosie wants her trainer to spank her while she holds various yoga poses on the gym horse. She hopes that […]

Two innocent schoolgirls, Alex Reynolds and Adriana Evans, are wrongfully disciplined with hard spankings and caning that leave their young bottoms bright red. The girls are on a school field trip. The hotel has charged the girls for drinking up all the alcohol in the mini-bar. Their strict teacher doesn’t believe the girls cries of […]

Sexy and submissive slave girl, Ella Hughes, gets a hard lezdom caning in tight black stockings from strict Sarah Stern in this hot spanking video. I’m a huge fan of the naturally submissive and beautiful Ella Hughes. She’s just so damn sexy and I make it a point to feature all her spanking films here […]

Kajira is a student at the local girls school. She’s sent to the dean’s office to be punished and caned otk. The dean of discipline, Michael Masterson, instructs the unruly schoolgirl to remove her panties and lift her school uniform skirt. Kajria complies with his commands immediately. She knows that disobedience will only make her […]

Naughty teen, Joelle Barros, gets caned over pajamas and on her bare bottom! Young schoolgirl Joelle has been caught sneaking out of her room and stealing herself a midnight snack. A very serious offense at this school for wayward girls. Joelle’s bedtime caning begins when a staff member follows her back to her room with […]

Sexy brunette Bonnie May gets caned nude when caught self spanking before a spanking video shoot! Sarah Stern catches her being a naughty girl and playing with various spanking implements before the planned filming of her spanking scene. Unfortunately by spanking herself she marks her bottom and this is not good for Sarah’s film. The […]

Sexy brunette Ten Amorette meets up with Johnny Lake in a hotel room after the spanking party for a sensual spanking caught on camera at AAA Spanking! Kinky spankos from across the USA come together for national spanking parties. These events bring together like-minded kinksters to share their love of spanking. Many of the attendees […]

Rosie Ann is normally a good teen girl but when she’s caught hanging out in all the wrong places she’s spanked and caned for her bad behavior in the latest update from Northern Spanking! Rosie Ann’s parents get a phone call from her best friends family. They call to let them know that the two […]