Submissive Slave Girl Caned Hard

Submissive Slave Girl Caned

Sexy and submissive slave girl, Ella Hughes, gets a hard lezdom caning in tight black stockings from strict Sarah Stern in this hot spanking video. I’m a huge fan of the naturally submissive and beautiful Ella Hughes. She’s just so damn sexy and I make it a point to feature all her spanking films here when they are released. I’m really excited about her latest role-play as a callgirl that’s hired upon be Miss Stern’s submissive slave. Before the cane even crosses Ella’s lovely bottom this scene is a winner. Ella’s is ordered to her knees in front of her master where she’s seduced with erotic nipple play. Ella’s stripped completely naked except for her sexy black stockings and garter belt. She’s bend over and given the first taste of what it’s like to be Miss Sarah’s slave…and it’s painful! I promise you will be an Ella Hughes fan too when you see this incredibly hot and sexy lezdom caning video from!

Submissive Ella Hughes Spanked

Sexy caning for Ella Hughes

naked caning for Ella Hughes

Sexy Slave Girl Ella Hughes Dominated By Lesbian

Ella Hughes Bare Bottom Caning

Submissive Ella Hughes Caned In Stockings

Sexy Lezdom Caning

Painfully hard caning for submissive Ella Hughes

Ella Hughes Caned Hard


This is an amazing film and just goes to show what happens when you let the girls chose their own story line. Ella Hughes and Sarah Stern were filming for us and they came up with this story. Now I happen to think it’s a great story, Sarah hires a young lady from an agency, this young lady has to be naturally submissive and will have to submit to a really hard caning, some face slapping and some nasty pinching of her nipples. Ella just loved the whole idea and contributed some of the more extreme ideas, just goes to show, a naturally submissive girl will decide on her own fate, as painful as it certainly will be.



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    • Jürgen on April 26, 2016 at 3:32 am

    Wow, Ella Hughes, just awesome!

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