Student Spanked Panties Down

Panties Down Spanking

Misbehaving student Alex Reynolds gets a humiliating panties down spanking in the latest update from AAA Spanking! Alex’s parents are worried that their precious “straight A” student is starting to fall from her high academic standards. Her parents call Miss Chris, the principal at the private boarding school where young Alex attends classes. Alex has been out late at night with the local boys and breaking curfew which has led to her dramatic drop in her grades. Miss Chris knows that young girls like Alex need strict discipline and firm guidance to become proper ladies. She had a very humiliating punishment planned for this naughty student.

Spanked Panties Down

Young Alex Reynolds would not be getting just a simple otk hand spanking. Her punishment would be infinitely more complex with the added humiliation of having her white panties pulled down and her big bottom exposed! Miss Chris wanted to remind her what happened to naughty girls like her. Alex had let her parents down. She had let herself down. And even worse, she had let herself down. Miss Chris was prepared to set her back on track beginning with a firm chastising before a hand spanking over panties. Then the young student was given a panties down spanking otk! But that was not the end of this schoolgirls punishment. Alex was giving a bottom stinging strapping on her bare bottom. Alex was left sniveling and tearful as Miss Chris warned her that if her grades and behavior did not improve that her next visit to the principal’s office would be even worse!

Student Spanked Panties Down

Miss Chris makes her debut in a memorable scolding & punishment film of student, Alex Reynolds. Alex was summoned to the Principal’s Office as her parents were worried that this former “A Grader” was losing her way at the Private Boarding School they paid so much to have her educated at to do well in life! This Midterm Assessment was the wake up call Alex needed to put things right!


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    Alex Reynolds always looks so cute <3

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