Strict Mom Spanking Teen Daughter

From the new update at Punished Brats Spanking comes this Strict Mom Spanking Teen Daughter spanking pictures featuring Bianca Rose as the naughty teen daughter and Miss Lisa as the strict mom. Bianca’s trouble at school has her strict mom very unhappy. She’s been very rude to her school teacher and her mother was called. When Miss Lisa catches her teen daughter she ordered to bend over and touch her toes for a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush. This naughty teen daughter gets real spanking punishment from her strict mom in this new mother daughter spanking video update from Punished Brats Spanking!

Naughty teen daughter Bianca Rose spanked by strict mom on her bare bottom for her unruly behavior at school. This misbehaving teen catches her strict disciplinarian mom’s attention and that means strict bare bottom punishment for this naughty teen daughter! See Bianca Rose get bare bottom mother daughter spanking disciplinary punishment in the full teen spanking video release!

After a hard day at school, Bianca decides to take a relaxing bubble bath. She was shocked when her mother came in to confront her about being rude to teacher. During a discussion of the Civil War, she asked her teacher what side she fought on? She noted that it was just a joke, but it was a joke neither her teacher or mom found funny. She was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet, soapy bottom with a bath brush.

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