Spanked For Not Wearing Panties

Spanked For Not Wearing Panties

Stevie Rose gets a long, hard and painful spanking for not wearing panties at Her daddy has put his young daughter under strict supervision as she’s been teasing to neighborhood boys with short skirts that allow for sneak peeks at her provocative panties. Obviously this type of slutty behavior isn’t acceptable to her father.

Stevie Rose spanked otk no panties punishment

He has instituted a series of humiliating punishments to discourage these kinds of deviant behavior. As part of her current punishment, Stevie is made to wear pull-up diapers underneath her clothes like a baby girl. She hates being disciplined in such a humiliating and degrading manner. Of course she rebels like all young girls her age are prone to do. Today she’s even gone to school in very short jean shorts and no panties. She feels like she’s won but her victory is short-lived.

OTK hairbrush spanking for not wearing panties

As she returns home for class her father is waiting for her. John has found a pair of his daughter’s panties hidden in the couch. He orders that she submit to a search but her attitude is still defiant. Unfortunately for her, her father’s will cannot be subverted. Once her realizes that his daughter isn’t wearing any panties, she’s immediately punished.

OTK hairbrush spanking no panties for Stevie Rose

Young Stevie Rose is put over daddy’s knee for a unrelenting hand spanking that burns her bottom right though her denim shorts. Her jean shorts are then pulled down and the bare hand spankings continue to redden her exposed ass. Having multiple implements of correction easily within reach, John grabs a wooden hairbush that stings as it smacks against her fleshy cheeks.

Stevie Rose no panties strapping on the bare

Already regretting her bratty behavior and the defiance of her father’s orders, the lesson she’s to learn is really driven home with a 3 tail strap. Just seeing such a deviously wicked instrument of discipline sends a shockwave of fear though entire body that show in her eyes.

Strapped for not wearing panties

Needless to say, at the conclusion of her bare bottom strapping, she’s a very sore, red and remorseful little girl that will do anything to make her daddy happy…for now.

Stevie Rose no panties strapping

Daughter bare bottom strapping from daddy

Very sore red bottom after spanking otk with hairbrush and 3 tail strap


This was an unusual & humiliating discipline session for Stevie Rose who was on a long punishment schedule learning the basics of doing as she was told, in this case, Stevie had to wear pull ups like a baby girl because she had been wearing provocative panties & short skirts to attract boys back at the house. Finding a loose pair of worn panties was the final straw when John sat down on his sofa. She was summoned & searched… her defiant attitude & the fact she had slutty denim shorts on without panties only made things worse! She was spanked over his knee… & as this was a house of discipline, implements of correction were never far away. Unfortunately for Stevie that room contained a hairbrush & a nasty 3 tailed leather strap she hated as it would heavily mark & sting her bare bottom. The final part of her contrition involved her changing into the ugly pull ups she should have been wearing & this felt especially painful over her very sore red bottom.



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