Spanked For Fighting At School

Naughty schoolgirl, Harley Havik, has been caught fighting at school again. She has been warned by her father that anymore infractions at school will result in severe penalties at home. Harley is terrified at the prospects of the punishments she is to receive after school. Her daddy has been called by the school and informed that his daughter has indeed misbehaved again. He is very disappointed in his daughter’s bad behavior and is at home awaiting her arrival. A stern lecture is just the beginning of young Harley’s punishment. Her strict father has harsher discipline planned to break his daughter of her unlady like behavior. First by taking her over his knee and lifting her school uniform skirt. The little schoolgirl learns the hard way when daddy spanks her naughty bottom to a blazing cherry red. Her pink panties don nothing to hide her burning red bottom. But a more severe punishment awaits this naughty girl. Stripping off her pretty pink panties, Harley’s young tender white bottom is punished with the school strap. A stinging bare bottom strapping leaves this naughty young lady a penitent schoolgirl with a very red and sore bottom!


Harley & The School Strap – Having been caught fighting at school, for the second time, Harley thinks she has found away to escape punishment. But she has not thought it through very well and her plans are discovered at a very inopportune moment. After a very stern lecture, Harley receives the punishment she was due originally, with the prospect of more to come. This is the first major film conceived and written by Alex. In combination with Harleys delightfully sorry and submissive schoolgirl, a beautiful vintage American venue and some gorgeous camera work by Rafa, this is one of the stand-out films from 2015. We are really proud of this one, we hope you love it too.


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