Sorority Girl OTK Spanking Punishment

OTK Sorority Spanking Punishment

Sorority girl Riley Moore has played horribly and lost a very important volleyball game for her sorority sisters. Sadie Holmes has been informed that she should administer an otk spanking punishment to this naughty sorority girl for her bad behavior! Sadie takes Riley over-the-knee, pulls down her tight gym shorts and spanks her bottom with her bare hand! Sadie and her sorority sisters are angry with Riley about losing the games and she firmly chastises her as she’s spanked in the latest sorority spanking video from Spanking Sorority Girls!

Riley Spanked OTK

Sorority Girl OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Sadie Holmes Spanks Riley OTK

There’s nothing that Riley can do to prevent her spanking. She’s helpless to do anything but get over Sadie’s knee and take her punishment. Riley complains as she’s spanked on her curvy bottom. This only angers her sorority sister even more. Sadie grabs the dreaded wooden hairbrush and enjoys punishing her sorority sister’s exposed bottom intensely!

Sore Bottom Sorority Girls

Now that Riley has been properly punished with by her sorority sister Sadie Holmes, she’s left rubbing her sore bottom and complaining about the severe otk hairbrush spanking that she’s just received!

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