Sorority Girl Gets Spanked By Teacher

Sorority Girl Spanked OTK

Sorority girl Veronica Ricci gets called into Miss Snow’s office for a meeting. When she arrives Veronica is told that she’s to become the new head of her sorority house. Unfortunately for her, Miss Snow Mercy thinks that she lacks the necessary discipline for such a position. She has come up with a plan to teach this sorority girl a thing or two about proper discipline so that she can lead her sorority sisters to greatness! Veronica Ricci is bent over Miss Snow’s knee, her school uniform skirt is raised and she’s given a bottom warming hand spanking over her cute white panties. Her teen bottom is now hot and red. Miss Mercy removes Veronica’s panties and continues her otk hand spanking bare bottom! Veronica’s lesson in discipline is not over yet, indeed it’s far from it. Miss Mercy proceeds to take one of her favorite punishment implements, a long wooden ruler, and give this sorority school girl hard whacks on her exposed ass. The yardstick smacks against Veronica’s sore bum with short, sharp and painful slaps. The sound of the ruler slapping her ass can be heard echoing in the room. Veronica winces in pain from each smack of the ruler but her lesson is still not finished. Miss Snow has an even more devious disciplinary tool in her arsenal. She grabs a large wooden sorority paddle and bends Veronica over the desk. With her bare teen bottom jutting out Veronica receives multiple swats with the sorority paddle on her already sore bottom. Her teacher Miss Snow thinks that maybe now she’s ready to lead her sorority house after getting a hard lesson in strict discipline!

Teacher Spanks Sorority girl

Veronica learns a valuable lesson that leaves her bottom bright red and bruised for days.

Paddled Sorority Girl

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