Sister Spanking Pixie In Pajamas

Younger sister Pixie Wells gets a hard otk spanking in pajamas at bedtime. Her older sister, Holly, is in charge of disciplining the younger siblings. Now that she was eighteen years old, Pixie believed that she could disrespect her mother and mouth-off. But her big sister wasn’t having any of it. She was going to teach her little she that she wasn’t too old to spank. Holly wanted her baby sister to know that no matter how old she was, she could still be punished. The two girls still shared a bedroom, so before bed, Pixie was taken over her sister’s knee and spanked in her pajamas. Her sassy mouth continued to get her into trouble. Pixie gave her sister attitude and her punishment got even worse. Holly pulled down her sister’s pajama bottoms and gave her a hard hairbrush spanking on the bare bottom at!

A Sister’s Duties – Holly, as the oldest, is responsible for the discipline of her younger sisters. This is a common practice within their conservative, religious community. Holly shared a room with the second oldest, Pixie. That day, Pixie had been disrespectful to her mother during her lessons. When Holly informed Pixie that she was to be spanked she was shocked. As she was now eighteen she believed that she was too old for such a punishment. Such was not true and Pixie was required to go over her big sister’s lap. When Pixie gave Holly sass as she was being spanked, her PJ bottoms were lowered. When she continued to talk back, Holly employed a hairbrush that got Pixie’s attention immediately. She promised not to be disrespectful to her or their mother again.



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