Sexy Lesbian Spanking OTK

This Sexy Lesbian Spanking OTK comes from the newest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking. This sexy lesbian spanking video update features Sarah Gregory as the spanker (top) and Isobel Wren as the spankee (bottom). Isobel’s wet soapy bath make Sarah late from the fetish convention. Sarah has no time for naughty Isobel’s laziness and she’s furious that she’s gonna be late for something so important. She pull her out of the bath and over her knee for a sexy wet lesbian otk spanking that young Isobel won’t soon forget!!

Isobel’s Wet Spanking: Sarah and Isobel are sharing a room at FetishCon. Sarah is all ready to go to the meet and greet while Isobel is enjoying a bath. Sarah is not happy and doesn’t want to be late. She storms into the bathroom, pulls Isobel out of the tub, drags her into the bedroom and pulls her over her lap. She gives Isobel a bare bottom spanking on her wet sensitive behind. Isobel marks up beautiful. Sarah Spreads this naughty girl’s legs to get to her sweet spots as well. Turns out Isobel is liking this and gets a bit wet down there.

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