Sexy Lesbian Lingerie Spanking

Lesbian Lingerie Spanking

Glamour models Audrey Sugarsmack and Madie Rae get booked for a photo shoot and they think they’ll be taking simple lingerie photos but the girls are surprise, disturbed and sexually excited when there told they’re going to be involved in a lesbian spanking scene!! Dressed in sexy lingerie, the two ladies arrive at their latest modeling job. The photographer is ready with his camera to shoot the girls. He asks the two models to get a little more frisky that they’re used to during a normal lingerie shoot. Mandie is instructed to bend over and let Audrey spank her bottom! The cameraman controls the action and tells Audrey to grab the hairbrush he’s laid out for her. Then she’s told to put Mandie over her knee and give her sound spanking in her sexy lingerie! The girls are giggling, laughing and obviously enjoying this new sexualized spanking experience. Mandie and Audrey are having so much fun they almost didn’t notice the photographer jerking-off in the corner as the two girls spanked each others bottoms! The glamour models took off in a hurry, disgusted and appalled by the cameraman’s unprofessional behavior but not before their first lesbian spanking experience was all caught on camera. See their sexy lingerie spanking video at Punished Brats!

Sexy Lesbians Spanked in Lingerie

Mandie and Audrey were hired by a photographer for what they thought would be a glam shoot. They were a bit shocked when the photographer had Audrey spank Mandie. Both girls were both turned on and disturbed as they got a weird vibe from the photographer. What was he doing in the corner?

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