Sexy Kitchen Spanking For Satine Spark

Bad cooking earns sexy chef Satine Spark a hard kitchen spanking! Blonde babe Satine is filming a sexy cooking show. Looking oh so hot, she’s almost naked wearing her bra and panties barely covered by an apron. Unfortunately when the video producer tastes her first dish, he learns that this sexy chef can’t cook. Satine is immediately gets bent over the kitchen counter for a well-deserved spanking. She’s lied about her cooking skills and now she must pat the price with a very red bottom. First she’s spanked over panties. Then with her panties pulled down, she gets a proper bare bottom spanking bent over the kitchen sink that leaves her soft white bottom red and very sore at!

Satine’s Spanking Cookbook – I have decided to produce a spankers cook book and I have made the unfortunate choice of Satine Spark as my trial cook. She said she was a good cook, I believed her. Mr. Stern started to introduce the video which we are making to go along with the cook book but when he had to try the first dish she had completed it was disgusting. She had ruined it. What to do? Well that was obvious, a good hard spanking bent over the kitchen work top should do just for starters.


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