Severe OTK Hand Spanking For Bad Girl

Bad girl, Lily Swan, gets a severe otk hand spanking from her angry landlord. Lily’s landlord has on house rule…no alcohol. When she’s caught running a home brewery, she’s punished severely. John catches the deviant girl when he comes home early from an overseas trip. He catches her red handed making beer in the basement. Angry at her deception and disrespect, John administers the hard and most severe spanking that will leave her unable to sit for a week. Lily is taken over the landlord’s knee. Her tight jeans and panties pulled down exposing her bare bottom. John doesn’t hold back and administers hard stinging smacks across her bare cheeks in this painful punishment video from!

Brewing Up Trouble – Lily Swan is back in a great OTK spanking video and you will see why she got this swift bare bottom punishment as she thought that her landlord, John, would be away on business for longer than she anticipated. She was brewing gallons of beer in the basement hoping to hide the evidence before his return. Only he caught her red handed making this from returning early from his overseas trip. What made this worse for Lily was that John had a rule about alcohol in the house, a simple rule – NO ALCOHOL at all. It was a “Dry House”. He gave her a spanking that made her bare bottom sore and she knew she had to take this hard spanking for her obvious deception and lack of respect toward her trusting landlord!



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