Secretary Strapping Office Discipline

Naughty secretary Adriana Evans gets office discipline with leather strap! She’s made too many mistakes and her last was the final straw! This naughty secretary strapping office discipline starts with an otk hand spanking as strict boss Johnny Lake chastises his young assistant!

Her recent work has been subpar and her latest foul-up has caused Mr Lake to miss an important meeting! A professional businessman has no time for such nonsense. Immediately Ms Evans is taken over the knee and spanked in stockings! Once her bottom has been sufficiently warmed her pantyhose are pulled down exposing her already rosy bare bottom. More otk hand spanking further reddens her increasingly sore backside!

Once the imposing authority figure Mr Lake reaches for his leather strap, Ms Evans’s real secretary strapping punishment truly begins!

Bent over the desk with stockings down around her ankles and her bare bottom exposed to the sweet sting of the strap! Adriana Evans secretary spanking punishment really intensifies in the latest office spanking video release from AAA Spanking!

As her boss straps her bare bottom, he makes her repeat out loud workplace rules! “What is my name?” to which Adriana replies through her tears “Mr Lake!”. “You will never address me as Johnny ever again in this office. Is that understood?” A whimpering and tearful Ms Evans replies “Yes Mr. Lake”.

This is a most tearful expression of a crying secretary strapping office punishment I’ve ever seen and it’s a must see spanking scene!


Adriana was summoned to his Hotel suite where she was given a Disciplinary Notice that she would never forget! She wanted this highly paid job, she accepted her very tearful, hard OTK spanking and leather strapping because she knew she could and would do better! This video will appeal to those that like strong verbal chastisement, spanking over pantyhose as well as a hard, sustained strapping finale that will have you glued to the screen as you witness very real sobbing tears of contrition from what Adriana later admitted was her most tearful online performance ever!


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    • c jarvis on August 23, 2016 at 7:47 am

    If you are looking for constructive feedback my suggestion would be to include much more ,’touch your toes’ scenes as I feel this would be more realistic than adults being put over someones lap . More erotic too if a short dress or skirt is worn !!!!!!
    regards Chris

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