Secret Spankings Outdoors

Secret Spankings Outdoors

Beautiful blonde Amelia Rutherford and brooding brunette Molly Malone get secret spankings outdoors when they take a walk through the woods in the latest spanking video update from AAA Spanking! Amelia and Molly find a secret spot in the forest while on a delightful little walk. Molly gets the idea that she wants to give Amelia a bare bottom spanking in their secret spot. Amelia concedes to Molly’s wishes and the two girls are having fun. It’s so risky getting a spanking out in the open like that. Anyone wandering through the woods could catch them at any moment. That’s what makes this outdoor spanking so exciting. The girls laughter and spanking sounds are heard by the local land owner. Mr Osborne sneaks up and sees Amelia getting spanked bare bottom by Molly and can barley contain his excitement. He takes full advantage of the situation and approaches the two girls. He tells them they are trespassing on his land. He wants to spank both girls for their trespass and not only that but spank them panties down on bare bottoms! They ladies have no choice but to agree and he gives both girls bare bottom spankings outdoors!

Bare Bottoms Spanked Outdoors in Woods

A delightful spanky tale of what might happen if you go down to the woods today!

Outdoor Spanking for Naughty Girls


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