Schoolgirls Tawsing Bare Bottoms Tawsed

Schoolgirl Tawsing Bare Bottoms Tawsed

Naughty schoolgirls tawsing on bare bottoms! These misbehaving brats gets their bare bottoms tawsed for various disciplinary infractions in these free schoolgirl spanking pictures from Real Spankings Institute. After having an extensive discussion with the school’s dean her bad behavior, Lauren is instructed to bend over and grab her ankles. When she sees the tawse, a leather strap divided at the end into strips, similar to strapping and used to punish naughty schoolgirl bottoms at the girls reform school she attends, she fears her tender teen bottom will be red and sore for days, maybe weeks from her severe tawsing. Once in position her school uniform skirt is raised and her panties dropped as she’s spanked with the tawse. Her bare teen bottom left very sore, marked red tender!

Schoolgirl Tawsed Yoga Tawsing Gym Class Bare Bottom Strapping

Alyssa gets a motivational strapping that forces her to reconsider her effort in gym class. She hasn’t been putting forth the effort that’s expected of her. Her gym coach designs a painful and humiliating punishment that’s sure to properly motivate this young schoolgirl. Alyssa is left in the plank position with her bottom bared to think about her effort in gym class. Once her body is fully trembling the Dean returns and applies the tawse to her bare bottom while she is in the lunge position. This intense punishment leads to very real tears and an extremely sore bottom!

Uniform Schoolgirl Tawsing Bare Bottom Taswed Leather Strapping

The Dean comes to check on Riley in study hall and finds a smutty book hidden under her assignments. He confronts Riley about her improper behavior. Knowing she must be disciplined, he bends her over and straps her bottom until she’s sore and remorseful. He then puts this naughty schoolgirl in the corner for an additional time-out punishment with her pink, sore bottom on display and panties around her ankles!

Locker Room Strapping Schoolgirls Tawsed Bare Bottom Taswing

Raquel and Syrena: Locker Room Strapping – The Dean decides to really bring the lesson home for these two repeat offenders. He orders the unruly teens to bare their bottoms for further punishment with the tawse.
He does not stop tawsing their exposed schoolgirl bottoms until hot tears are flowing freely.

Schoolgirls Naked Tawsing Bare Bottom Strapped Tawsed

After her long hand spanking, Alyssa is required to fully undress for a long and hard dose of the leather tawse. She’s been a bad girl and she knows it! Her bottom already sore and tender, she’s humiliated ever further with a naked tawsing on her bare bottom as she’s bent over the desk in the dean’s office!



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