Schoolgirls Paddling Correction Domestic Discipline

Today’s spankingreviews updates of Free Schoolgirls Paddling Correction Domestic Discipline Pics from SpankMyBottom featuring spanking starlets Elizabeth Simpson and Rosaleen Young depict a young Rosaleen as a naughty schoolgirl who receive a firm paddling correction at the hands of her strict mother in this mother daughter spanking videos clip. The ever beautiful girl next door teen schoolgirl, Rosaleen Young in her school uniform, get caught red handed by her srict disciplinarian mother reading about spanking corporal punishment in the private family library that is off limits to her. Miss Young has her school uniform skirt pulled up and her pretty black panties pulled down just below her buttocks leaving her round bottom exposed for a hard paddling corrective spanking in this domestic discipline video scene!

My obsession with spanking and discipline meant I could not resist reading a book I found in the private book case. I was involved in reading about the historical punishments from times gone by that I did not hear the door go. Before I knew it I was trying to explain what exactly I was doing. I never thought for one moment that soon it would be with the red swelling buttocks! -Rosaleen Young

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