Schoolgirls Disciplinary Spankings

Here’s some Schoolgirls Disciplinary Spankings pictures from this weeks newest updates at Real Spankings Institute bare bottom schoolgirls get the necessary school discipline from strict disciplinarians at the all girls reform school for naughty teens.

Schoogirl Raquel get bare bottom strapping punishment from strict headmaster. At this girls reform school hard discipline is the order of the day and there’s no shortage of naughty schoolgirl to punish. This schoolgirls stripped down to her bra and cute panties for a severe bare bottom strapping. Naughty teen schoolgirls get strict disciplinary spanking punishments form heavy handed disciplinarians at girls reform school.

Fri. Nov 14, 2014 Update – Raquel: Strapped by The Dean…Raquel is put through a series of positions, various states of undress and time out, while being spanked by The Dean.

Schoolgirl Syrena bare bottom spanking from heavy handed disciplinarian. This naughty schoolgirl bares her bottom for a hard disciplinary spanking punishment at the hands of her strict headmaster at the girls reformatory. Naughty teens in school uniforms get severe bare bottom spanking punishments for their unruly behavior. Bare bottom teens school skirts pulled up with cute panties down spanking punishments and school discipline.

Wed. Nov 12, 2014 Update – Syrena’s Long Day of Discipline from The Dean (Part 1 of 2)…The Dean hand spanks Syrena while her bottom is bared and she is on all fours. This punishment is long and intense, leaving her bottom extremely red and sore.

Naughty Alex get schoolgirls disciplinary caning punishment on her bare bottom. As she’s caught misbehaving by the strict dean of discipline she is ordered to bend over and take her disciplinary caning punishment at the all girls reform school. Her bottom bared for a hard caning Alex gets 12 stroke of the cane from the heavy hand headmaster of discipline. The caning of schoolgirls is all part of life at this girls school and the strict deans of discipline know just how to punish these naughty teens

Mon. Nov 10, 2014 Update – Alex: A Severe Caning…After 90 full minutes of corner time and two different strappings, the Dean bends Alex over for 12 severe strokes with his heavy cane while Jordan watches. She is once again put into corner time for an additional 30 minutes

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