Schoolgirls Bare Bottom Caning Disciplinary Punishment

Naughty schoolgirl Kissie gets bare bottom caning disciplinary punishment from Mr Hyde. He’s unable to find another girls school to take on this misbehaving schoolgirl and has no option but to home school her himself. However Miss Kissie has her own agenda and starts to behave like a silly little schoolgirl as her teacher begins todays lesson. Within just minutes Mr Hyde has this badgirl bent over a table, spanking her bare bottom and giving her a firm chastising. Kissie Camilla Scott argues back saying she refuse to behave but she knows a severe disciplinary caning punishment in close at hand. After a hard spanking at school and 20 strokes of the cane her round bottom is tingling and burning in pain. The message is well received, no matter how much she yelps, screams and cries out after each stroke from the caning, she thanks her disciplinarian each time he raise the can for another lashing. After he disciplinary caning is complete and her bottoms striped with caning marks shes order to pull up her panties, pull down her school uniform skirt and get back to todays lesson.

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