Schoolgirl Spanking Cornertime Punishment

Unruly schoolgirl Mandy gets caught when she takes a photo of herself giving the middle finger to her all girls catholic school’s headmaster behind his back and then posting the picture on her facebook page! This kind of bad behavior earns her a quick trip to the headmaster’s office when he she’s her facebook photos. Once behind closed doors Mandy’s school uniform skirt is pulled up and bent over his knee for a hard lesson in strict school discipline involving a firm handed bare hand otk spanking the reddens her schoolgirl bottom followed by a harsh cornertime punishment with hands on her head kneeling in the punishment tray filled with gravel while she reflects on the sting in her sore bottom!

While the Headmaster was talking to a few girls on the playground during recess, a picture was taken in which Mandy clearly gives the headmaster the finger behind his back. The little madam decided to post this photo on her Facebook page but the Headmaster found out. Mandy was called to his office and she was soon over his knee getting her bottom soundly spanked!. She also had to kneel on the punishment tray for a while after which the Headmaster took a photo of her well spanked red bottom and that pic appeared on Facebook as a warning to the other girls.


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