Schoolgirl Punishment At Home

Schoolgirl Wet Panties Punishment

Naughty schoolgirl Katie Brown gets spanking punishment at home at AAA Spanking! She’s already been spanked at school for multiple behavioral infractions. She was nervous upon returning home. Katie is still wearing her non-regulation pink panties under her school uniform. Obviously she hasn’t learned her lesson from the punishment she received at school. Her defiance infuriates her father. He ordered his daughter to wait in the kitchen as he gathered the implements of correction that would be used to punish his misbehaving daughter. Katie was so frightened about her impending punishment that she pissed herself! She soaked her panties with pee! When her father saw the puddle of pee on the kitchen floor her was appalled. Katie was ashamed and she knew her punishment would only be more severe because of this. Her pee soaked soiled panties are removed as her father spanks her bottom beginning with bare hand. Then increasing the intensity of this schoolgirls punishment at home, Katie Brown gets spanked with a thick leather paddle and finally her bare bottom gets the sting of the dreaded bathbrush leaving her tender bottom bright red and sore!!

Katie Brown Spanking Punishment

To add to her discomfort and embarrassment, she had to clean the vast pool of shame she had created and the entire kitchen before being sent to bed early.

Katie Brown Spanked Schoolgirl


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