Sarah Gregory Wheelbarrow Spanking

These Sarah Gregory Wheelbarrow Spanking pictures from AAA Spanking shot for the Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival. Sarah Gregory’s pussy exposed like never before during a spanking session. All her naughty bits are on full display during her first wheelbarrow spanking. Sarah Gregory’s exposed pussy and tight little asshole make for an embarrassing and humiliating wheelbarrow spanking for this spanking starlet!

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in wheelbarrow postion leaving her feeling completely exposed and vulnerable. Her tight asshole and warm pussy fully exposed to bare hand spanking punishment. All her tender places receive sound spanking from a firm bare hand. Sarah’s always in need of a firm bare bottom spanking and her round white ass just begs to be spanked. Her big round bottom red with each swat in this bare hand wheelbarrow spanking. Sarah Gregory’s Wheelbarrow Spanking…See Sarah Gregory’s pussy like never before in the most vulnerable and humiliation spanking position…the wheelbarrow spanking position!!

The Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival 2: We have 3 short films which kicks off another special “Festival of Kink” here at Triple A Spanking. All 3 of these girls may not be shy and certainly not afraid to show off their most private parts to us, the eye bulging viewers… but they had never been spanked in this position before and soon realized just how embarrassing and vulnerable they would feel as they laid over John’s lap, legs akimbo, with their bottoms high in the air and the blood rushing to their heads. Only now would each girl realize the full extent of what they had let themselves in for… Sensual, erotic with the feel of a very submissive good girl spanking scenario, please congratulate these 3 marvelous ladies who dared to bare all in this most revealing of bare bottom spanking positions!

See Sarah Gregory’s First Wheelbarrow Spanking in True HD Video!! Exposed like never before…her most humiliating spanking session ever filmed…Sarah Gregory’s first bare hand wheelbarrow spanking…Only at AAA Spanking!!

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