Rosie Ann Spanking Chair

Rosie Ann Spanked OTK

Cute Rosie Ann visits the punishment chair in the latest schoolgirl spanking video at AAA Spanking! Dressed in her very sexy school uniform, Rosie Ann gets put over-the-knee and spanked with a very special spanking implement…the hand paddle! Rosie’s tender teen bottom quickly turned bright red in sharp contrast to her little white panties! Her bottom now warm and red, her panties pulled down and her otk spanking continued but her punishment was not over yet!

Spanking Chair Rosie Ann

Schoolgirl Rosie Ann OTK

After a very painful otk spanking with a special hand paddle Rosie Ann is instructed to sit over the punishment chair in reverse. Her rosy red bottom hanging over the edge where she felt most vulnerable. Rosie Ann’s humiliating punishment continued with sharp swats of the hand spanking paddle that left her tender teen bottom cherry red!

Rosie Ann Punishment Chair

Rosie Ann’s punishment chair spanking is filmed in three different camera angles so you won’t miss any of her most humiliating and embarrassing spanking session she’s ever endured!


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