Rosie Ann Hand Spanking Punishment

Naughty cocktail waitress Rosie Ann gets a hard hand spanking punishment at work when she fails to follow the bosses repeated instructions to clean up the bar properly after the holiday celebrations! Rosie Ann hand spanking punishment beings promptly after the bosses arrival back to the cocktail bar followed by a strict strapping on her bare bottom!

Rosie had been left in charge of the cocktail bar of the private adult club that she worked at. The owner of the club came back a couple of days early to find the place was a mess not long before opening for that night & could see she had been ignoring his emails about ensuring the Xmas decorations were down since it was well into the New Year. The club had many interesting quirks, the cocktail bar had phallus chairs as “cocktails” were never actually served… & all manner of sex toys incl. BDSM/Spanking implements were sold to members as well. The owner decided that Rosie was about to test out a few of the leather straps that were on sale to members as part of her punishment & he wasn’t going to use them lightly on her either! She had to feel the various intensities & ranges of the leather implements so she would understand a little more about what happened to naughty, lazy girls that didn’t do as they were told!



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