Sarah Gregory Pass Review

Sarah Gregory Pass Review (sarahgregorypass) Sarah Gregory Pass includes both of Sarah Gregory’s spanking websites together at a discounted price. See Sarah and her girlfriends, some of the hottest spanking models on the web today, spank each other and get spanked by the top domes in the spanko world. Fans of m/f spanking and f/f spanking alike will be pleased to see Sarah Gregory and her friends in both of her hot and sexy spanking sites.

Sarah Gregory Spanking – The first spanking site in the SG Network featuring one of the web’s hottest spanking starlets, Sarah Gregory.

Momma Spankings – A mother/daughter spanking website starring Dana Specht as the strict mommy and Sarah as the naughty little girl. Sarah does a lot of switch spanking, she plays the spankee in some and the dome in others. Lots of her famous friends stop by for hard spankings from Sarah and Momma Dana.

Note: I have recently been told to expect exciting new additions to the Sarah Gregory Network. I’m really excited to see what’s coming next!

A full review of Sarah Gregory Pass is scheduled and coming soon.

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