Boys Boarding School is the place where naughty boys learn to behave with a little help from the harsh punishment of strict mistresses. If you’re a naughty misbehaving boy then be warned, you may want to cover you bottom or else you might be next on the bad boys list.

Upon first entering the Boys Boarding School you are taken to the updates section of the site where the newest updates are displayed in chronological order. From there you can view the most recent updates or jump straight to the archive sections of The Boys Boarding School with clearly labeled sections like Multiple Part Movies, Single Clips and Images.

A detailed breakdown for each section is as follows: the Multiple Part Movies section of the site contains 59+ full femdom spanking scenes to date. Each scene is approximately 10 minutes in length on average and available as full length downloads or broken down into shorter clips. The Single Clips section of The Boys Boarding School currently contains 16+ clips of women spanking men and each clip is about 1-3 minutes on average. All videos can be downloaded to your hard drive and are encoded in the Real Media format. The Images section contains 75+ photo galleries to date and each gallery has about 50-60 pictures of strict mistresses administering harsh punishment to naughty boys.

All in all the Boys Boarding School has more than enough femdom spanking content to keep any bad boy happy. Combine that with the addition of 5 bonus spanking sites and BoysBoardingSchool is a must see for any true fan of women spanking men!

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  1. heatherflis July 24, 2009 at 10:10 am

    hello to all of you guys,
    I stumbled on this great site. Am going through a dark night of the soul and it was no chance I ended up here. Look forward to reading all the info and posts.

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