Reluctant Schoolgirl Gets Painful OTK Spanking

Plaid skirt wearing schoolgirl Sadie Holmes is reluctantly blackmailed into taking a painful otk spanking. Sadie’s sorority sister Riley Moore threatens to tell catholic school nun that Sadie has been spanking her. Riley gives young Sadie a choice, she can either submit to getting spanked right now or take her chances when the nun finds out what she has done. Sadie is reluctant but she agrees to a spanking on the spot. She is taken across the lap and spanked over her pink panties. Then an even harder hand spanking on the bare bottom once her cute little panties are pulled down. Finally Riley finds a leather paddle in the nun’s office and gives the sorority schoolgirl a hard paddling across her bare cheeks. The reluctant schoolgirl is left rubbing her red and sore bottom in this sexy spanking video from!

Riley Spanks Sadie in Office – Sadie Holmes and Riley are in the nun’s office because Riley is going to tell about the last spanking Sadie gave to Riley. Sadie gets an offer – take a spanking right there in the office from Riley and she won’t tell. Sadie reluctantly gets over the tall girl’s lap and takes a painful spanking with her hand and a leather paddle Riley finds in the nun’s office.


Spanking Sorority Girls Videos

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