Reform School Girls Bare Bottom Punishment

Reform School Girl Syrena Bare Bottom Punishment

Last week Syrena was brought to the girls reform school disciplinarian for a long hard bare hand spanking on her bare teen bottom. Now she’s been ordered to touch her toes and hold the position for a severe bare bottom strapping punishment. The reform school girl has her bare bottom bruised from a severe strapping punishment reserved for the naughtiest girls. At this all girls reformatory strict bare bottom punishments are the order of the day!

Mon. Nov 17, 2014 – Syrena’s Long Day of Discipline from The Dean (Part 2 of 2): After her long hand spanking, Syrena is told to take position and bend over to touch her toes for a strapping on the bare bottom. The Dean takes his time and straps her very hard, leaving her bottom bruised and Syrena in tears. She is then placed in time out with her nose against the wall.

Reform School Girl Ivy Bare Bottom Punishment

Naughty reform school girl’s bare bottom punishment for Ivy. She fears the worst as the strict reform school disciplinarian fetches his leather strap. Her teen bottom still sore from her previous spanking punishment from his strict hand. She can’t handle the pain of her severe strapping punishment and her teen bottom hurts so much she cannot help but let loose a flurry of four letter words that earn this naughty teen reform school girl a good mouthsoaping!!

Wed. Nov 19, 2014 – Ivy’s Long Day of Punishments by The Dean (Part 1 of 2): Ivy waits in time out for The Dean to return with a strap. She is then bent over and given a hard strapping on her bottom. Already being sore, she is having a problem keeping her hands on her knees and continues to put her hands back on her bottom. The Dean decides a hand strapping is in order. During the punishment she curses and is taken into the other room for a mouth soaping.

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