Rectal Temperature Taking And Spankings

Naughty teen Mandie Rae gets a hard humiliating spanking and rectal temperature taking when she tries faking sick. Young Mandie has already been spanked today. She doesn’t want to leave the house because she’s afraid the marks will show. It would be very embarrassing if her friends knew she was still being punished like a little girl. She has a brilliant idea to fake being ill. But when her father informs her that he’s going to take her temperature rectally, she knows she’s in trouble. Mandie’s father knew his daughter was lying and was giving her the chance to tell the truth. Unfortunately, she was an insolent teen and got a rectal thermometer up her bottom. Once she was officially caught lying, her real punishment began. Her father produced a thick leather strap and gave her tender bottom a severe strapping until hot tears began to flow freely. See teen Mandie learn a painful lesson in this humiliating rectal temperature taking and spanking film from!

Mandie’s Big Mistake – Mandie was sulking in her room after an earlier spanking and didn’t feel like going out later that day with everyone else as she was sure that her marks would show or give away that she had been punished. She concocted a fake illness when told to hurry up and get ready. Of course this didn’t fool John who played along with her until he suggested taking her temperature – rectally (the last time she had placed it in a warm cup of coffee when he left the room so she could not be trusted again). He was giving her a chance to just stop this nonsense but she persisted so the threat of the thermometer became reality and was placed up her bottom. There was no fever, of course! Confronted with this evidence, Mandie realized her mistake but it was too late and he was disappointed that she would have to have another lesson in not to tell fibs. A quick leather strapping and spanking in many varied, humiliating and painful poses brought Mandie to tears as she was told she was coming out with them – like it or not!


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