Real Disciplinary Spanking Punishments

Jordyn’s behavior has caught Michael’s attention once again and this time he decide that a strict belting isn’t enough for this misbehaving lass so her breaking in his strap on her bare bottom in this real disciplinary spanking. See Jordyn get her bare bottom blistered and bruised as she’s left bare bottomed bright red, sore and remorseful…for now! Watch the full update here.

A Proper Strapping Leads to a Bruised Bottom: Michael decides that Jordyn’s behavior warrants more than just the belt this time. She is bent over the ottoman as…

Kiki and Kajira get real disciplinary punishments on their pert teen bottoms. They are allowed to pick their spanking implements pre-spanking. Both girls are strictly disciplined leaving their thee asses severely marks are sure to be sore for days to come! See the real disciplinary spanking punishments update here.

Kajira and Kiki are interviewed and asked to remove their clothing to prepare for their punishment. The girls are then asked to pick an implement, Kajira chooses a cane, and Kiki chooses a cheek to cheek paddle. Both girls…

Raquel gets a severe disciplinary spanking punishment as her spanking face is caught on camera. A unique spanking film from Raquel’s punishment spanking discipline is real and quite severe as the sting in her bottom can attest! Watch the full update here.

Raquel is paddled with two different cheek to cheek paddles, fully nude, a camera tight on her face, for the next…


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