Rachel Leigh Spanked For Bad Grades

Spanking Rachel Leigh

Lazy college student Rachel Leigh gets spanked by her teacher for bad grades! Ms Sarah Stern is Rachel’s tutor and she is very disappointed when she sees her final report card. Her grades are nothing less than awful. Ms Stern believes that young Rachel Leigh is spending more time thinking about boys and not enough time focusing on her academic studies. Sarah plans to remedy this dire situation with a lesson in strict discipline for her lazy student! Rachel Leigh gets an introductory spanking over the knee at Spanking Sarah in hopes that she will learn form her mistakes and take a more proactive position in her studies. Ms Sarah takes young Rachel over her knee, pulls up her school uniform skirt, strips off her lacy white panties and gives her a hard bottom smacking! Rachel gets her lazy bottom punished with an otk hand spanking from her teacher and feels the sting in her naughty bottom. If she would have only paid more attention to her studies, she thinks to herself, then her bottom wouldn’t be so sore right now!

Student Spanked For Bad Grades by Teacher

Ms Sarah Stern says, “Rachel Leigh is another lady I have introduced to the spanking scene. Here you will see her very first spanking EVER. She had never felt a hard hand on that cute bottom till I got her over my knee. Now she is playing a very lazy college undergrad and I am her tutor, when her grades disappoint then there is only one proven remedy and that is a real long, hard bare bottom spanking. Despite her cry for me to stop as she is a big girl and this should not happen to her I do of course continue until I think she is suitably chastised.”

Rachel Leigh Spanked

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    • louis bennet on September 21, 2015 at 10:23 am

    i think you should introduce this in school because my daughter gets a good hard beating at home for being naughty but then she messes around in school and they dont do anything. plus if they smack my daughter at school then they might actually be able to teach them something because they won’t be naughty because they will be scared of getting a beating. they should bring back the cane in my option because i basically cane my daughter but with a paddle and she turned out as good as gold i only have to smack my other daughter 2 or 3 times a day which is good i use to smack her 29 times a day:) and i love it so much seing her cry and her little bum all red and sore and every time she crys she gets smack an extra 5 times

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