Personal Trainer Spanking Punishment

Hot black girl Lola Marie is a personal trainer in need of harsh discipline with a painful spanking punishment! Some of her client’s have complained to the gym owner about her mean and rude demeanor. She’s called into the gym’s basement before work and severely punished for her bad behavior. A variety of spanking implements were arranged there and she knew that she’d be leaving with a very red and sore bottom! Spanked with bare hand to start then bend over the bench for an intense strapping with a leather tawse. Next ball-gagged to keep her quiet as a large wooden paddle spanked her bare black bottom bright red. Finally she was ordered to touch her toes and prepare for the cane in this long, hard spanking discipline and punishment session at!

Lola Marie was a specialist Personal Trainer at a Kink Friendly Gym Club. She was aware that as well as exercise, club members would practice discipline sessions in the basement. She’d been called to the basement before her shift so knew something was wrong!


Personal Trainer’s Punishment – The Gym Owner needed to confront Lola Marie over an issue brought up by some of the members. She had been mean & working some of them too hard so they had requested that she be disciplined to teach her a lesson. Lola was aware something like this could happen & was paid a lot of money within this kink friendly environment. Her attitude got her into trouble with the owner & she had to accept the consequences… she was spanked to start with then placed on the bench, mouth gagged to keep her more compliant and then a variety of implements, both leather and wooden, were used across her bottom including the dreaded bathbrush, carpet beater & a horrible looking tawse! Finally, Lola Marie was caned on her already sore bottom & told to reflect on the error of her ways!



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