OTK Teen Lesbian Spanking Home Discipline

These Free OTK Teen Lesbian Spanking Home Discipline Pics from Girl Spanks Girl featuring spanking starlets Ashley Rose and Clare Fonda as Strict Aunt Jessica. So the setup to this lesbian spanking video is Auntie Jessica is quite upset by her niece Ashely’s lazy behavior when she comes home from a hard days work to find Ashley lying around on her couch. This lazy teen is in need of some firm spanking home discipline and Aunt Clare is just the type of strict disciplinarian to give it to her. Naughty Ashley is taken over Jessica’s knee form some sound otk spanking home discipline on her lazy round teen bare bottom. Auntie Jessica is delighted to see her corrective spanking taking effect on her lazy lesbian niece in this teen spanking video scene, warming her bare bottom and turning it quite a lively shade of red!!

Strict Aunt Jessica Part 4 – In the final installment in this series, Aunt Jessica comes out to find Ashley crashing on her sofa. Uninvited. Auntie is very upset and decides to step up the lesson teaching a bit. She first spanks Ashley on her bouncy round bottom. Ashley has worn several pairs of underwear in anticipation of this spanking, but this only makes Aunt Jessica even more upset. Aunt Jessica has Ashley bend over and she gives her some very hard swats with a large wooden paddle, leaving Ashley sore and bruised, and standing in the corner.

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