Naughty Wife’s Spanking Fantasy

Wife Spanking Fantasy

Amelia Rutherford is looking hotter than ever as she plays a naughty wife with a spanking fantasy in the latest update from Firm Hand Spanking! Even after five years of marriage Amelia has not told her husband that she has secret fantasies. She fantasies about being spanked by her husband regularly. Amelia keeps spanking mags hidden in her nightstand drawer. When her hubby is away she flips through the pages of her spanking magazines and dreams of getting spanked on her bare bottom by her man’s firm hand!

Firm Hand Spanking Amelia Rutherford

When Amelia’s husband finds her secret cache of spanking pornography he is caught off guard. He doesn’t fully understand his wife’s secret desires but he knows that she has to be punished for hiding them. A good couple must share all their secrets to make their relationship work. He gives naughty Amelia Rutherford her first bare bottom spanking that she’ll never forget! Even when she firmly protests and says that she doesn’t want to be spanked. He takes her across his knee anyway and gives his wife 265 smacks on her pert and perky, exposed behind! Amelia squeals with delight as her fantasy becomes reality and she’s spanked by her hubby’s strong hand. He asks her “Do the girls in the magazines have red bottoms like this?” as she punished her pert bottom with his bare hand. She’s a naughty girl that deserves a good old fashioned spanking and that’s exactly what she gets!!

NEW AMELIA RUTHERFORD DOMESTIC SERIES: Every couple has their secrets, and Amelia has a spanking fantasy to explore … Married for five years, Amelia and Earl are blissfully happy, yet Amelia has never told him about spanking fantasies. Then he finds a spanking magazine in a drawer! Despite her protests he smacks her bare bottom 265 times in all-new Getting to the Bottom Of It.



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    • Henry on April 29, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    A very sexy spanking scene!

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