Naughty Maid Uniform Spankings

Naughty Maid Spanking

Naughty French maid Leandra James gets spanked in uniform! Leandra works for the sexy cleaning company. She shows up at the clients residence in sexy maid uniform and gives the home a thorough cleaning. Leandra James is looking hot and sexy in her maid’s uniform but latest client gets a look at the granny panties she’s wearing he’s not happy. He call the sexy cleaning agency for an explanation. They apologize and give him permission to discipline their employee. He doesn’t hesitate to take the naughty maid over his knee, pull up her uniform skirt and spank her bottom! Leandra James gets spanked over panties until her bottom glows red. Her non-regulation panties are removed. She gets a good bare bottom hand spanking. Hard swats are applied to her exposed ass. She cries in pain with each smack to her naughty bottom. Leandra will learn the hard way that even her undergarments must be sexy when you work for the sexy cleaning company. Finally she’s ordered to stand and present her red ass for inspection!

Maid Uniform Spankings

The agency got a phone call from the client saying that Leandra wore unsexy granny knickers and that spoiled the whole strip tease. Leandra was called and she got a good scolding followed by a sound OTK spanking.

Maid Spanked

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