Naughty Girl Spanked Hard By Daddy Dom

Whitney Morgan learns the hard way not to mess with daddy dom Johnny Lake. Everyone knows you don’t fool around with a someone else’s sub without permission. Whitney has broken one of the cardinal rules in the bdsm world and she pays the price with a very red and sore bottom. Dominant Johnny takes the naughty girl over his knee and spanks her ass red with hard swats on her bare bottom. Whitney cries out, “OWWEEE, I’M SORRY, OK?”. But her tone conveys she’s still being a naughty brat. She hasn’t learned her lesson yet. A harsher punishment awaits this bad girl. Johnny retrieves a thick leather strap, bends her over and straps her bare bottom. A sore, red ass should help her follow this daddy dom’s rules in the latest hard spanking video from!

Whitney has broken protocol. She has fooled around with Johnny’s submissive without his permission which is against the rules in the BDSM world. She claims she was drunk and wasn’t thinking. This is no excuse and this earns her a spanking. What other way should a disappointed dom deal with a naughty brat like this?



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