Naughty Girl Scout Spanking OTK

Naughty girl scout, Dorothy Burnett, gets a hard OTK spanking when she’s caught trying to cheat the wrong customer. Nobody suspects this innocent looking teen is scamming customer for extra cash. But the teenage girl scout finds herself in big trouble when Paul Kennedy takes notice of her fraudulent activities. Young Dorothy thinks she’ll be selling him cookies but the little girl scout gets spanked instead. She’s taken over the knee for a spanking in her girl scout uniform. Next Dorothy’s shorts are pulled down and she’s spanked over panties. Followed by an humiliating OTK spanking on the bare bottom. Little Dorothy couldn’t be more embarrassed. Finally with her tiny red bottom exposed, she’s forced to listen to a final lecture from an angry customer in this girl scout spanking video from!

Girl Scout Cookie Con Artist – Girl Scout Dorothy begins the delivery of this years cookies. However, a discrepancy is noticed in the ordering, all have had an extra zero added! Could anyone really spend $5,000 on Girl Scout Cookies? Apparently Paul Kennedy could but, before deciding what to do, and how to pay for her fraudulent activity, Dorothy must be spanked!


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