Mouth Soaping and Spankings

Hard OTK Spankings and Mouth Soaping

Defiant teen, Adriana Evans, gets a severe otk spanking punishment, intense mouthsoaping and painful bare bottom strapping. She’s been caught doing provocative exercises in the hotel gym on a class field trip. The head teacher, Miss Chris, is in charge of disciplining naughty girls. When Adriana realizes that she’s about to be punished, her dirty mouth and rebellious attitude get her into even more trouble than she can imagine.

Miss Chris takes Adriana over the knee. She gives her a hard otk spanking over her tight stretch pants and then on the bare bottom. Adriana struggles to break free from her teachers firm grasp. She has a problem with authority and doesn’t want to be punished like a little girl. She curses and screams obscenities at the authority figure. Miss Chris responds by dragging her into the bathroom and washing her filthy mouth out with soap. It’s humiliating getting her mouth washed with soap. And even more embarrassing that she’s being punished by her teacher naked from the waist down.

After Adriana gets a good soaping of the mouth, she’s taken back to the bedroom. Her already red bottom gets another 50 painful strokes with a thick leather strap that leave her bottom very red and extra sore. You can see this severe mouthsoaping and hard spanking punishment video in full 1080HD at!

Mouthsoaping Punishment

Spanked and Mouth Soaped

Adrian Evans gets her filthy mouth washed out with soap

Adriana Evans Spanked and Mouthsoaped by MIss Chris

Severe mouthsoaping punishment for naughty girl

Intense mouth soaping caught on film

Naughty teen spanked hard on all fours

Severe strapping on bare bottom for Adriana Evans

Teen Adriana Evans gets 50 lashes with leather strap from angry gym teacher Miss Chris

Pentient teen fears the wrath of strict gym teacher after severe spanking, strapping and mouthsoaping punishments.


This is one of our most dramatic punishment films ever made. Lots of raw emotion, power struggles, defiance, severe punishments and their consequences. This could have been a straight forward punishment for Adriana Evans, but her big mouth got her into trouble with Miss Chris in no time at all.

Representing the school away from home was a big responsibility so when Adriana had been caught in the hotel gym doing provocative exercises in front of others she was sent to Miss Chris to be dealt with. In no time Adriana was spanked over her tight gym pants but rather than leave the matter there she continued to fight back and her pants were pulled down so the spanking continued on her bare bottom. Then she swore, she continued swearing which infuriated Miss Chris so much that she marched her to the bathroom for one of the most intense mouthsoapings ever caught on film.

Check out this free spanking video preview of Adriana’s mouthsoaping and spanking punishment:

See this very intense and severe punishment video in full 1080HD quality at

You will be blown away by the anger, the emotion, the defiant struggle as that soap washed away Adriana’s filthy tongue time and time again! Eventually Adriana realized she wasn’t going to win and the final part of her punishment saw her take 50 strokes of the leather strap. Miss Chris is renowned as one of the hardest players out there, this was no exception. This is a must view film for those who love to see real brats get an almighty and humiliating punishment session they deserve, this is sure to become a classic!


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