Zooey Zara

Naughty little girl, Harley Havik, gets spanked by mommy. Stern mother, Zooey Zara, gets a call from Harley’s daddy. She’s been acting like a little brat and being mean to her stepmom. Young Harley has already been spanked and scolded by her father, but Zooey decides that her daughter needs another spanking from mommy too. […]

Hot sexy brunette, Zooey Zara, tests her threshold for pain and punishment in this severe spanking audition video. Zooey lives the BDSM lifestyle but is she ready for the painful punishments she must endure at the hands of professional doms Johnny Lake and John Osborne. Looking so incredibly gorgeous in a short blue dress, sexy […]

Sexy secretary, Zooey Zara, gets a hard spanking, strapping and caning. Her boss is very unhappy with her work. Mr Lake calls Zooey into his office to discuss her work performance. She gets a firm chastising and ‘talking-to’ before she’s pulled over the bosses knee for a more severe disciplinary action. Zooey gets her skirt […]